A millenary cuisine

Korean gastronomy, as well as Chinese gastronomy, is a cuisine that has been passed on from generation to generation. It aims at nutritional balance by its variety and the choice of healthy products. Seasonal products that are also and of course tasty. In fact, the WHO awarded Korean cuisine the title of “nutritionally balanced exemplary cuisine” in 2004, not without reason!

Kimchi’s most symbolic Korean food has been designated by Health Magazine as one of the five healthiest dishes in the world! Thus Kimchi, through a complex process of fermentation, has this particular flavor, thanks also to the famous Korean pepper which gives all its typical flavor!

Variety, guiding principle

The presentation of dishes or desserts of traditional Korean cuisine is also one of the essential elements of this cuisine. Each dish highlights a visual balance. The mixture of flavors and colors symbolizes this harmony …

Another strong symbol of this Far Eastern cuisine is the variety of textures. Indeed, the crispy and mellow but also the acid and sweet are components of the same entity: Korean gastronomy.

It is therefore a real culinary journey to which we invite you in our own way for a meal that aims to awaken you to new flavors through Korean or Japanese specialties that will amaze you in the true sense of the word!

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